ESFT Inc. ® is an Independent Software Developer Company and a Dedicated Web (RIA) to Mobile Developers Model (Tablets & Smartphones) with a focus on Financial, Transportation Industry Services and Payments Gateway. Our approach is a very successful business model for several potential clients due to highly skilled and efficient software developers, good infrastructure, excellent management support, clear communication, flexible engagement options and reasonable pricing. The major advantages of our Development Center and Dedicated Developers team are:   Benefits of Project Planning; Total control on software engineers of offshore company; Total data security; Ownership of source code; Direct monitoring on software engineers. ESFT Inc. ® also provides Software as a Services, Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service & Mobility as a Service for Businesses & Enterprise Financial Environment. ESFT Inc. ® is a publisher of Enterprise Mobility Management cloud based platform of applications on Google Play for Android, Apple Store for iOS and Windows Marketplace for Windows Phone.     Google+

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